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Held at the Gold Strike Casino in Mississippi, the World Poker Open is one of the highly anticipated stops in the World Poker Tour. This annual event is basically a Texas Holdem tournament that features the most renowned and highly skilled poker players. It is a highly celebrated event which never failed to deliver world class poker competition.

The humble beginnings of this international Texas Holdem tournament can be traced to the very first season of the World Poker Tour. Buddy Williams, Dave Ulliott, and Jeremy Tinsley were among the leading players. Phil Ivey, Tommy Grimes, and Johnny Donaldson were important pieces of the final table. By using better strategies and a unique playing style, Ulliott outdid Ivey for the win.

The second installment of the World Poker Open was just as fascinating. James Tippin, David Reese, and Randy Jensen reached the final table well prepared. Can Kim Hua, Tony Hartmann, and Barry Greenstein were also prepared for some first rate Texas Holdem competition. As the play ensued and the moments come into a glorious close, Greenstein outlasted Jensen for the right to be called tournament champion.

The third World Poker Open continued the great tradition of providing exciting and highly competitive poker games. After a couple of successful seasons, the Texas Holdem tournament has cemented itself among the ranks of world class poker events. Johnny Stolzmann, Scotty Nguyen, and Daniel Negreanu were top-ranked contenders to win the event. Meanwhile, great things were also expected from the likes Michael Mizrachi, Raja Kattamuri, and Chau Giang. At the final moments, Stolzmann was way above the competition for the victory.

In its fourth season, the Texas Holdem tournament delivered the same successful results. This time the final table players were entirely different. A new set of international poker superstars tried to outshine each other for the right to be called tournament champion. Among them were An Tran, Gavin Smith, and Raul Paez. Scotty Nguyen, Michael Mizrachi, and Bau Le completed the final event. In the end, Nguyen bested Mizrachi in classic fashion.

The fifth year of the World Poker Open was no different. It brought another classic finish which made it one of the much awaited Texas Holdem tournaments year in and year out. The finalists were J. C. Tran, Bryan Sumner, and Thang Pham. Daniel Negreanu, Gary Kainer, and Young Cho also reached the final table. When the final moments came, Sumner defeated Negreanu in a thrilling finish.

The sixth season was just as good. As a regular stop of the World Poker Tour, the events become better almost every year. In this World Poker Open installment, newer and fresher names were featured. These include world class competitors like Freddy Deeb, Men Nguyen, and Hoyt Corkins. John Spadavecchia, Gabe Costner, and Brett Faustman completed the final cast. In the end, Faustman edged out Corkins for the Texas Holdem tournament championship.

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