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Let’s say you are now ready to test your limits, expose your luck and dare your skills. Never mind how much your funds are as long as you’re ready to have fun and overspend them. In short, you are ready to place your bets anywhere and anytime. But, is finding the next door casino enough for an adventurous one like you? If not, then here is the list of the hottest gambling place


s in the world for you to explore.


Gambling places to go to

You are not alone if you feel like heading to the hottest gambling spots in the world. In fact, the American gaming Association in Washington DC estimated the number to be around 51 million people who frequented Las Vegas or Europe to have fun gambling.

Caribbean Casinos

The Caribbean region takes pride in its 114 casinos aside from its casino cruises and online gambling industry. The Netherlands Antilles has 25 and ranks first in the most number of casinos in the region. Dominican Republic follows with 22 and Puerto Rico with 17 casinos.

North and South America

North America has 1496 casinos to choose from while Central America has a minimal number of 40 casinos to explore. In North America, the country of United States has the most number of casinos than any other country as this kind of entertainment became popular in the region since gambling was introduced from Europe 200 years ago.


Oceania consists mostly of Australia and New Zealand with a total of 17 casinos. Its largest casino is the Crown Entertainment Complex located in Melbourne, Australia. Among the other popular casinos on this continent include the Crown Casino, Casino Canberra and the Skycity Adelaide casino as well as New Zealand’s Skycity Casino.

Eastern and Western Europe

Casinos in the Eastern and Western part of Europe sum up to more than 300 as casinos in this region has become prevalent, attracting more and more tourists into the region.


In Asia, the country of Macau has the most number of casinos than any other Asian country. Macau is believed to be bracing itself to becoming the next popular location for casinos and gambling in the world. In central Asia, casinos are catching up its popularity but those with no licenses have also been frequently visited by casino players. From a conservative standpoint, countries in this region have gradually accepted the gambling business as part of the modern world’s potential economic generator.

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